Feed My Starving Children

When I worked at OC Imageworks they decided to help FMSC by filming a promo-video for them at a local pack event. In the time after filming through completion, I quit working there (on great terms!) because I felt like God was calling me in a different direction. So, I had some editing and clean up to do on the video.

A lot of this was shot on the Sony FS100 with a metabones active adapter for Canon glass. Pretty great combination thanks to Sony’s firmware update which allowed for 1080p at 60fps (at 120 degree shutter). Which, of course was then slowed down to 24fps. I have to say, it’s very nice to have slowmo straight from the camera, and not have extremely long render and wait times on doing slow motion, ahem, later.

Okay what other geeky stuff can I talk about…yes, the moving time lapses was an experiment, that mostly passed. I just put the camera on a dolly cart, and moved between each exposure (I used Magic Lantern’s intervelometer and a Mark II for this). It’s a little herky-jerky but next time I’ll use an automated system. I was just trying things out.

Really, for this video I wanted to show the faces of the people who are the salvation for those who are starving. I tried to use as much natural light as possible (God bless windows in factories).

I did all of the editing in Premiere (and coloring via Colorista II) aside from that zoom out map shot which was two parts after effects, one part trapcode particular for the clouds.

I wish every thing I worked on meant so much.

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